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SPP-01 Super Parameter Programmer

Product Characteristic

Super parameter programmer (SPP-01) is the simple, efficient and practical accessory for parameter configuration with the easy one button operation. Due to the new standard communication protocol, it applies to stand-alone or multi-parallel products. The features of the SPP-01 are listed below.

One button and one indication led are designed for simplicity and easy-to-operate.

RS232 (TTL), RS485 and USB communication are supported.

SPP PC Tools PC software is used to configure and backup parameters visually, rapidly and conveniently.

Dual power supply design. SPP-01 can be powered by battery or Micro-USB cable applying for various environments.

Main Functions

Parameter configuration function

Load the parameter configuration to the SPP-01 via SPP PC Tools PC software and then update the device’s parameters through SPP-01 with easy one button.

Data transparent transmission function.

SPP-01 can be used as the communication converter to connect the device and Solar Station Monitor, PC software, to establish remote monitoring.



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