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USC-HS21TO Zero Power Consumption Hall Water Flow Sensor BSP1/2" DN15mm

 USC-HS21TO Zero Power Consumption Hall Water Flow Sensor BSP1/2" DN15mm

Model: USC-HS21TO 



Explanation: US: UltiSensor; N: Nylon+fiberglas; C: Brass; H: Hall Sensor; S: Straight; 41:G1/4,6mm; P: Plug; T: Threaded; A: Type A 

E: Elbow; T: Threaded; 21: G1/2’; 43: G3/4”; 



No need of power when working,

Directly transfer magnetic signal to electrical signal

Output value is irrelative with the changing speed of the magnetic field

Output signal can be delivered far by telephone wire, coaxial cable

Suitable for LAN Network Management

Service life more than 2 billion times,


Waterproof and anti-explosion

Heat-resistant and cold resistant

Can be used as flow switch

Can measure the flow rate, 1% error

Two wires output, red is pulse signal, green is for ground connection

Zero power consumption

Max pressure is 1.75Mpa,

Flow rate is 1-30L/min

Function: For the sense of the water flow rate on the following equipments: Thermostatic water heater, water purifier, water dispenser, smart card equipment, coffee machine etc.

Technical data:

1.       Brass material.

2.       Intubation design of inlet and outlet pipe, easy connection and operation;

3.       Imported Hall IC from Japan, stable and reliable;

4.       Range: 1-30L/min;

5.       Pulse output duty cycle: 50+-10%

6.   Tightness: Seal up all the holes, and inflate with 0.8MPa water, after 1 minute, no leakage and deformation;

7.   -20-80 centigrade;

1. When magnetic material is close with the sensor, its characteristics may vary.
2. In order to avoid particle debris, the sensor must be installed after a filter.
3. The flow sensor installation has to avoid strong vibration and shaking of the environment, so as not to affect the sensor's measurement accuracy.

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