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USC-MS21TB 2-8L/Min Flow Meter Balancing Valve and Replenishing Valve

 USC-MS21TB 2-8L/Min Flow Meter Balancing Valve and Replenishing Valve



Direct reading flow rate valve can help determining the most efficient flow rate for the system, reducing the waste of energy. It can be widely used for water with anticorrosion and anticoagulant, cold or hot water suitable for drinking.

Flow meter offers a quick, easy and accurate method of adjusting the flow rates.


1. Accurate and quick balancing without diagrams, tables or measuring devices

2. The flow rate is displayed directly in l /min

3. Regulating valve with adjustment scale

4. Regulating valve with isolating facility

Technical data

1. Size: BSP: G1/2”

2. Measurement range: 2-8 (l/min)

3. Max. input working pressure: 10 bar

4. Max. water temperature: 115 centigrade

5. Valve housing and cover: Brass P-CuZn40PB2

6. Material: Brass or Brass

7. Floating ball: Ethylene-propylene

8. Dimension: 110*63mm

9. Weight: 350g


The flow meter should be installed horizontally or vertically and should be in parallel with the pipeline.


The flow meter is designed and tested according Switzerland taconova AV23 Balancing vales SETTER Inline.

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