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USM-FS21TA Flow Sensor Switch Reed Switch Brass Magnetic Sensor Switch 1.5-12L/min 250V DC 70W 2 wires


USM-FS21TA Normally open Circuit Magnetic Flow Switch 70W Max Load DC250V AC220V Max Reliable BSP G1/2" Male made of Brass

We have other models:

USM-FS21TB: BSP G1/2" Female

USM-FS43TA: BSP G3/4" Male

USM-FS83TA: BSP G3/8" Male

USM-FS41TA: BSP G1/4" Male

USM-FS08PA: 8mm OD plug

USM-FS10PA: 10mm OD plug


Normally open circuit: it closes the circuit only when enough water flow pass through.

Normally closed circuit: it  open the circuit only when enough water flow pass through.

Normally open  Circuit Magnetic Flow Switch  using   brass   float   from  the  bottom   up   activities   driven   permanent   magnet with   Reed   switch   switches  the  output   signal   ( zero-first ) ,   by  a  permanent   magnet   float   gravity   to   reset ,  as opposed  to  more   stable   reliable   mechanical   springs ,   longer   service   life ,   start  a  flow  of  smaller .   Copper material ,   maximum   pressure :  1.5Mpa ,   use   water temperature   less than   100   °   c   for   water   and   gas   only   upright orientation ,  the  water   connection   from  the  bottom   upwards .   Flow   switches   in   use   use   with   auxiliary   relay   for safety   must not be   directly   connected  to the  high   voltage   circuit .

Specific   electrical   parameters   are as follows :
Start   flow :   1.5L/min ,
Maximum   flow rate :   12L/min  ( in   0.1Mpa ) ,
Switching   power   is   7 0 W,
Maximum   switching   voltage :   DC200 V,
Minimum   Breakdown   voltage :   DC250V/AC220V
Max   switching   current :   0.5 A,
Maximum   load   current :   1.25 A;
Above  the  flow   switch   high   voltage   circuits   in   use   please do not   access ,   please   help   relay   uses   while   in   use please   install   filters   to   avoid   magnetic   float   flow   switch   is   stuck ;
Cannot be   installed   on  the  shake   and   shock   environments ,   to   help prevent   water flow   switch   malfunction ;
Cannot be   used   in  a  strong   magnetic field ,   so as not to   invalidate  the  flow   switch ;


Flow   switches   are   precision instruments  are  not   allowed  to  open   to prevent   damage  to the  flow   switch ,   where the  dismantling  of  unauthorized   flow   switches   are   not   within  the  scope  of  our   warranty .


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