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Ultisolar SR528 Wireless Controller for Split Pressurized Solar Heating System

 Ultisolar SR528 Wireless Controller


Main Features
5. Functions operation and parameters setup (user grade) 
5.1 Timing Heating 
5.2 Energy save mode 
5.3 Temperature/ time setting for DHW circulation pump 
6. Functions operation and parameters setup (engineer grade) 
6.3 Temperature difference for solar circuit pump (DT O/DT F)  
6.4 TEMP Temperature main menu 
6.4.1 EMOF Maximum switch-off temperature of collector (for collector emergency close function) 
6.4.2 EMON Maximum switch-on temperature of collector (for collector emergency close function) 
6.4.3 CMX Maximum limited temperature of collector (collector cooling function) 
6.4.4 CMN Low temperature protection of collector 
6.4.5 CFR frost protection temperature of collector 
6.4.6 SMX Maximum temperature of tank 
6.4.7 REC Cooling of tank 
6.4.8 C_F Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit 
6.5 FUN Auxiliary functions 
6.5.1 DVWG Anti legionnaires' function 
6.5.2 CIRC DHW circulation pump on/off 
6.5.3 COOL Tank cooling function 
6.5.4BYPR Bypass function (high temperature) 
6.6 COMM Communication function menu 
6.6.1 ID Address 
6.6.2 MAC Network address 
6.6.3 FREQ Communication frequency 
6.6.4 RSSI Signal intensity 
6.7 HND Manual control 
6.8 PASS Password set 
6.9 LOAD Recovery to factory set 
6.10 “ON/OFF” Controller switch on/off button 
6.11 Holiday function
6.12 Manual heating 
6.13 Temperature query function 
7. Protection function 
7.1. Memory protection 
7.2 Screen protection 
Technical specification  
Parameter        Value 
Size of display: 130mm×130mm×25mm 
Size of controller: 200mm×140mm×43mm 
Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz 
Power consumption < 1.8W 
Measure accuracy: ±2 centigrade
Measure scope of collector sensor -10-220 centigrade
Measure scope of tank sensor: 0-110 centigrade 
Pump can be controlled 3 pumps, pump power<=300W 
Electrical heater can be controlled 1 heater, heater power<=1500W 
Signal inputs 
Collector: 1* PT1000, <=500 centigrade (Silicon cable <=280 centigrade) 
Tank or pipe: 3 * NTC10K, B=3950, <=135 centigrade 
(PVC cable <=105 centigrade)
Signal outputs: 3 outputs, to control circuit pump or electromagnetic valve; 1 output for control electrical heater 
Operation frequency: 430-450MHz, free to use without ISM admission certificate 
Emission power: <=20dBm 
Communication distance in open field: Up to 600 meter (band rate 4.8Kbps/9.6Kbps) 
Ambient temperature: -10-50 Centigrade
Water proof grade: IP40
Package list  
Products name                                Quantity 
Display                                        1 piece 
Controller                                      1 piece 
User manual                                    1 piece 
PT1000 sensor (dia. 6*50mm, cable length 1.5m)     1 piece 
NTC10K sensor (dia. 6*50mm, cable length 3m)       2pieces 
Mounting accessories (expansion screw, clamps)      1 piece 
Power cable                                     1 piece



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