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ZA-15 Vacuum Breaker Safety Valve


I. Usage:
The vacuum safety valve is suitable for all kinds of water heaters and containers and steam systems. When the water heater and steam system are in a vacuum state, the original closed system can be automatically opened to enter the air to eliminate the possibility of vacuum.
II. Basic parameters:
1. Set vacuum: less than 0.0034Mpa.
2. Air intake: 1.55L/s
3, size and weight: BSP1/2", DN15 Male Thread, 101g.
 III. Normal working conditions:
1. The vacuum safety valve should be installed vertically on the top of the water heater and container and system.
2. Maximum working pressure: 1.1 MPa. Maximum steam working pressure: 0.1034 MPa
3. Maximum working temperature: 110 °C.
The ZA-15 vacuum safety valve should be installed at the cold water inlet of the highest point of the water tank. The ZA-15 must be installed vertically. Between the vacuum safety valve and the water tank, no other valves need to be installed. The position must be typical and correct, otherwise the valve will not work properly or even be damaged.
V. Instructions:
1. Anti-fouling and anti-scaling: Dirt will directly affect the normal function of the safety valve.
2. The installation of the vacuum valve should be protected and drained to avoid damage to people and objects in special water conditions.


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